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Ed’s Hot Picks – Sacramento Investment Property Deals – Cash Flow

You’ll find Cash Flow Figures for Duplexes for Sale, Four Plexes for sale in the Sacramento Area on this page.

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NOTE: On this page you will find information on specific properties that have a great location, a good cash flow, or potential for upside in cash flow or a potential fixer upper.

Sacramento Area Duplexes for sale, four-plexes for sale will be profiled here. Just about all of them will have a Cash Flow.

In the case of a cash flow analysis for an investment property, the analysis will contain information that are ESTIMATES ONLY and are subject to change and verification during the ‘due diligence’ discovery period that is provided for in our Real Estate purchase documents.

These “estimates” will not take into account the costs of any “fix up.”

The format for these cash flow figures should be easy to understand and help you in evaluating a property for its potential Cash Flow return.

Take a look at the list below and come back often because we do try to do an update this section on a regular basis. If I have left some of these on the list even though they may have sold and closed, it’s because you’ll get an idea of what is selling and their condition.