Would You Buy A 3 Bedroom 2 Bath 2 Car Garage For About $600 Per Month…?

A Duplex with 3 Bedrooms 2 Full Baths and 2 car garages each side.

This is one of the neatest Duplexes I’ve seen in a while.    They’ve priced this one right and it’s in a super neighborhood.

Click here for the “Street View from Google and see if you don’t agree with me.

This is a quiet street.   I took this photo on Friday, April 23rd at about 6 PM.  There little kids were out playing and riding bikes…

If you are an Investor click here for my “pro-forma cash flow analysis”.  These are estimates only of course.   I think this one is going to get a lot of attention and most likely,  multiple offers.

Now if you are thinking about living in one side and then renting the other side, I think I can show you here why this would be a good move.   I don’t know of any where in the area that you could buy a home and have payments less than $600 per month.

About the existing loan that has to approve of this Short Sale.

According to the Tax Assessor, the existing loan was just a bit over $500k.  The folks that bought it back then, paid $630,000 for this property.   The Assessor also shows that the loan is held now by Bank of America the successor to Countrywide.    If you want to know some “inside” baseball, Bank of America is one of the slowest when it comes to processing a “short sale“.

However, the wait might be worth it, especially if you are thinking of living in one side and renting the other.

Make it a great day…!

Ed Favinger, Broker CRS, GRI, SFR           favinger@rwnetwork.com      916-203-1260

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  1. Victor bellini

    Hi Ed, How come no prices on the duplexes?
    Otherwise great information.

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