Want Some Good Advice When Applying for a Place To Rent…?

Never Lie or Give False Information When The Truth Will Serve You Better…!!!

I know times are rough now when we have a what…? 12.5% unemployment here in the Sacramento Region that is reported but I think we all agree it’s much higher than that.   Probably 20% or maybe more.

The reason I bring this up is because we are in Rental Property Management and Real Estate Sales that have been impacted by this recession.    We are out in the field and on the front lines everyday,  collecting rents from tenants who may have lost a job, Owners who are losing their homes and we are facilitating a short sale for them,  or we are dealing with Renters who may have to move because an Owner can’t maintain the payments anymore.

Since I know how bad it is,  I am aware of,  and have an understanding of the circumstances that can arise in the lives of the people that we deal with on a daily bases.

That means, if you have had some credit problems…? just be up front with me or any other Property Manager or Landlord when you need to move because if you lie, chances are we will find out about it.

I wrote about some suggestions and tips that should help folks that need to rent,  to qualify and to let you know what we look for and how you can improve your situation.   Click here for that article if you’d like to see it.

Because of these hard times and the sophistication of many fraud schemes,  the folks that work in our Property Management Company are pretty sensitive and cautious in our “tenant screening”.   Just today we had a lady lie about who her current landlord was, how much and where she made her money and she gave us copies of  some questionable cancelled checks that she said came from her current landlord.  She didn’t have a bank account and couldn’t even show us cancelled checks showing a consistent pattern of paying rent.

We think we know her real circumstances and we understand and sympathize….  But, had she just been honest with us to begin with, we might have been able to work with her.

Not a chance now.   A smart Property Manager, Landlord/Owner will keep a place vacant rather than rent, in the short term, to a tenant that would lie to get in with a questionable income source.

If you are looking for a place to rent, just be up front and honest about your situation because there are folks out there willing to work with you.

Make it a great day…!!

Ed Favinger, Broker, CRS, GRI, SFR        favinger@rwnetwork.com      916-203-1260

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