Tips for Maintaining your Property

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It’s another great day in paradise….!!!  Why do I say this… ?   It’s because any day I wake up “north of terra firma” is another great day to celebrate…   you never know when it’s your turn to “check out” as they say.

While the focus of this blog is to help folks invest in real estate… especially multi-family homes like Duplexes, Four-Plexes and Apartment complexes.. I do like to give you information that comes my way time to time from other sources…

I’ve posted some links below regarding the Maintenance of Decks, Patios and a link about Kitchen counter tops.  I hope you find them useful and informative because improving and maintaining a piece of real estate is something an investor or homeowner should never over look or defer.


Maintaining Your Deck  – great article – I’ve got a Court Yard deck in front of my own place that is 5 years old, but doesn’t show it when it’s maintained right.

Concrete Patio or Driveway Maintenance

Kitchen Counter Tops

If you have any questions or would like me to refer some professionals to assist you in any kind of a project drop a note my way or just call me…   916-203-1260

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