Rising Rents in Sacramento Region A Follow Up to an Earlier Post

Surprise….It’s all about supply and demand…!

I’ve told investors for the last several years that the big reason rents and ultimately home values would go up here was because they pretty much stopped building just about anything new since late 2007.   Sacramento Residential Property Investors that have picked up Duplexes, Four-plexes, Apartment complexes and even Single Family homes now often get Multiple Renter Applications when a unit comes up vacant.

Oh sure there were a few new projects constructed around the area but no where near the amount needed to maintain an adequate supply of homes and apartments especially the smaller types of investment properties such as Duplexes or Four-Plexes.

Illustrates the intersection of supply and dem...
Illustrates the intersection of supply and demand curves as the free market equilibrium (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When you have a slightly improving economy, this is primarily the main reason we’ve seen some steep rises in rents throughout the area.

So… today I get this article from the Sacramento Business Journal and thought I’d share it with you.  I think it’s an interesting read.    CLICK HERE FOR THE ARTICLE.

If you’re thinking of getting into the Residential Investment Real Estate market, now is the time don’t you think…?

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