New Tenant Application Questions – See Below.

HI there…

If you are looking for a place to rent or you are an Owner thinking of renting your home or other investment property, you can find a list of available homes, duplexes and apartments that we service by going to either our property management site –  Haven Properties, or by clicking on the Rentals Tab of this site

Prospective Tenants – The following is for you.

Questions about qualifying

If you are prospective tenant and you have some concerns about your ability to qualify, you can “grade or qualify” yourself by clicking here .

We do run a credit check on every application but,  if you answered those questions honestly you’ll know before you apply whether we’ll accept you or not.  

So you have some “credit” challenges…?

Then do yourself a favor and read the articles below because they might help you in your situation.

Got Rough Credit, You Want to Rent, But No One Will Rent to You…?

Want Some Good Advice When Applying for a Place To Rent…?


Want an application…?  Download your copy here


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