Our Property Management Services

Haven Property Management

When you hire us, you get a management company that makes sure the tenant understands their  pay the rent on time and to maintain the property in a good condition.

To Obtain A New Tenant:

When a property becomes vacant, the following are the steps we will take to obtain the best possible prospective tenant:

  • Place a FOR RENT sign on the property (this is for the neighbors who may have a friend looking to move into the area and prospective tenants driving in the neighborhood).
  • (We will take a written inventory of any negative features of your property and its contents, advise you and correct them upon your approval)
  • Advertise the property in the SACRAMENTO BEE (at your expense, but at our bulk rates). Note: Each owner derives a benefit because of our continuous advertising.
  • We also update and maintain our website advertising your property until it’s rented. We subscribe to more than one “web-page” service that allows us to create a “custom page” for your property that is advertised on several national websites such as “craigslist”, “google base” and other sites.
  • Have utilities turned on in the office name during vacancy periods
  • Show the property to prospective tenants.
  • Check the credit history, present employment, personal references and rental history (we will call the current landlord/manager and at least one previous landlord/manager).
  • After approving a prospective tenant, we will prepare the rental agreement and addenda’s, collect the security deposit and 1st months rent. If you do allow pets, we will require and collect from the tenants an “increased security deposit
  • We will hire gardeners and pool service people, when necessary.
  • We will do periodic drive-by inspections and take digital pictures to send to you via email.
  • We will check the property after it is vacated, take care of any necessary cleaning and repairs after the tenant vacates of which sums would be deducted from their deposit if not normal wear and tear.
  • If a tenant does not pay their rent on time (by the 5th of each month) we will prepare a 3-day notice to pay or quit. If after this period the tenant still has not brought their rent current we would then turn this matter over to our attorney.


  • We keep an individual computerized accounting record for each property showing: All the income, including who it was from, date received and total amount paid.
  • It will also include checks written against the account with the check number, paid to, date, total amount, purpose written and the running balance in the account.
  • We can issue a check for “direct deposit” into your checking or savings account at no additional charge.
  • We send to you a monthly report of your account each month with your check. We will upon request send to you a quarterly or semi-annual statement.
  • At the end of each calendar year we will send to you a year end report for you or your accountant’s use and we ill include a copy of all reports, along with copies of all the bills you’ve paid on a Personalized CD for your records.
  • We will have small repairs completed and check to see they are done properly and pay for them from your account.   For any repair over the minimum sum held in your account (typically about $100.00) we will call you and get your authorization first unless of course it is an emergency and we are unable to contact you.
  • We pay all of the expenses (except for your mortgage payment) associated with your property and send the net amount to you.
  • Our accountant advises us that for tax reasons an owner should at least write the check for the mortgage which helps show the owner’s participation in the management.


We are just a short Toll Free  phone call away at anytime and toll free from anywhere in the United States.