Fixer Upper Bank Owned Duplex – Check Out The Video

Somebody was mad when they moved out of this one.

Because it looked like the Tazmanian Devil had been in one side.

I stopped by to see this duplex yesterday and made a video of both sides.   This is a hot deal because when I arrived and got out of my car an investor was already walking about the property.  Since I was going in he asked if I would allow him in with me, which I did.   While we were there another lady asked if she could come in and sneak a peek too.

This property is listed at $88,000.  The investor and I both agreed upon our inspection that we estimated it would take about $20,000 to fix it up to a nice “rent ready” condition.   The Pro-Forma Cash Flow Figures are here.  These figures are based upon a “hypothetical” sale at $120,000 because that’s probably what you will have into it when it’s all said and done. 

You will either gasp or at least raise your eyebrows  when you see what someone did on the left side of this Duplex.

Click Here for the Left Side Video

Click Here for the Right Side Video

Actually… it’s really not that bad if you are a seasoned investor, because I have seen much worse.

Make it a great day…

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