Buying a Foreclosure at the Court House Steps…? Beware of the Pitfalls..!

Ouch….!!!   This man lost $137,000 and is upside down on his “investment”.

I have added  the link to the answers to a  Trulia Q&A question that was asked by an investor in El Dorado  Hills, California  that had purchased a property at a courthouse auction.

While this case is a little unusual, I think from the answers that were given by me and other professionals, you will come away with the idea to do your “due diligence” first before you invest in this area.

His dilemma is not one that I think any of us would like to be in.

Click Here for the story and see the answers that were given and let me know what you think.   You might want to check back on that link because chances are you will see new answers and advice given.

Make it a great day….!

Ed Favinger, Broker CRS, GRI, SFR          916-203-1260

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3 thoughts on “Buying a Foreclosure at the Court House Steps…? Beware of the Pitfalls..!”

  1. Reply

    Great information and presentation!

  2. Ed Favinger

    Hey Bud…. was this story sad or what… did you follow the story… there have been more postings from the guy that bought the property…

    What do you think…?

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