A Citrus Heights Bank Owned Duplex – On a Busy Street – Quiet Inside

Yea It’s Next to a Busy Street – But Fix It Up – Show it off to Thousands of Cars Everyday

I drove by this one located at 7107 Madison Avenue, Citrus Heights because I knew this was one of a few duplexes along this main artery that was located on the “frontage road”.    The frontage road itself does not have much traffic.  I was out there for about 10 minutes and only one car drove by and that was about 1PM today.

It also borders a Single Family Neighborhood.  The only bad thing….?   That’s right…!    It’s on a very busy and yes… it’s a pretty noisy street after the light turns green at the corner of San Juan and Madison.

The place needs to have someone trim the trees in front so you can see it.   That’s why the pictures on the flyer didn’t turn out well. 

I have Palm Videos of the exterior and each side.   You’ll get an idea of how loud it is and the contrast when you go inside.

Exterior and Left Side

Exterior and Right Side


Make it a great day…!!!!!

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