A Bank Owned Duplex & A Short Sale Duplex – Same Street

You Want the Cash Flow Numbers…?  I Got The Numbers –  Check Them Out…!

First the Short Sale Duplex

I was out and about and came across the Duplex located at 7535 Saint Philomena Way, Citrus Heights.

This thing has been priced so low that it will draw several multiple offers and I’m sure it will go into escrow for at least $180,000.   Now I wasn’t able to get into the units because they are occupied..  At least one is, because when I was there taking pictures a resident was leaving one side.

I”ve based the Cash Flow estimates at a price of $180,000.   Click here for a PDF File for more information.

Click here for a Video that I took that will show the neighborhood better than the Street View link I posted above.  The Street View was taken during Winter months and doesn’t show as well as the Video I took.

Now below is the information for the Bank Owned Duplex

It’s located a few doors away at 7543-45 Saint Philomena.  The “street view” will start you on the way out to Fair Oaks Blvd.,  so when you get on it, go to the left and around the corner to see the property.   By the way… 0ne side is occupied and the other is just about “rent ready”.     For the Pro-forma Cash Flow Figures Click Here.

If you don’t like these…?

I”ve got others that might pique your interest.   Go to “Ed’s Free List” page for more.

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