1st Quarter Sales Report – Duplexes in the Sacramento Region

You Want Stats… I got Stats…

I thought I would pass on the a couple of things here for your information.   As you will see on the Table below,  it looks like out of the 113 Closed Duplex Sales in Sacramento County, just a bit under one half of them are “cash deals”.   If you go back to my post in February, you will notice back then there were no FHA/VA deals.

The report below shows there were 17 deals that were FHA/VA financed.  Those by definition, are “owner occupied” transactions.   I think those buyers were making a very smart long term move.

Here’s the table.

If you’d like the list of closed sales for the 1st quarter I have in a PDF format.   Click Here for your free copy.

I hope you found the above useful and informative.   If you have any questions regarding the Residential Investment Real Estate Market in this area, please drop me a note here:   or call me at

Make it a great day…!!!

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4 thoughts on “1st Quarter Sales Report – Duplexes in the Sacramento Region”

  1. David

    Thank you for taking your time and supplying this data. It is appreciated by both myself and the hundreds of lurkers. Not quite the prices I want if I go for a duplex, but it’s getting close.


    1. Ed Favinger

      David… are you looking to live in one side and rent the other or are you an investor looking for a good deal… If you look at the Active and Active Short Sales and then compare that with the Active Short Sale Contingent and Pending Sales, they just about equal. I think we are close to the bottom. The only thing I think holding us back now is the high unemployment rate. What do you think…?

  2. David

    Looking to live in oneside and rent the other.

    I think prices, especially at the upper end will drop a bit more.

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